This body recomposition plan is designed to trim fat and add lean muscle mass. Once the appropriate compositon is achieved you may stop and continue with a sensible diet. If your goal is to gain additional mass, continue this plan until plan is achieved. 

Key Concepts:

Macro goals - 40% protein - 30% carbs - 30% fats

  1. Keep protein intake high – 1.5g protein / pound bodyweight
  2. Avoid empty, liquid calories ex: sweet teas / sodas / smoothies (eating the ingredients will result in greater satisfaction) 
    • Diet sodas are a useful tool to curb cravings and have no negative effects contrary to popular belief. You can have 2 a day 
          3. STAY HYDRATED: 1gal/day


      Aim for ~ 2400cal +/-100cal, protein should be the priority


      • Black coffee w/ MCT oil
      • Egg whites with vegetables & choice of low cal condiment i.e. hot sauce/ low cal ketchup

      Mid-morning snack:

      • Fat-free Greek yogurt, can add 1 scoop of protein for taste or a cup of blueberries (~100cal)


      • Choice of protein ideally >=40g net protein, can opt for a fattier cut of meat ex: bison/ chicken thighs
      • Carb source ex: rice/ sweet potato / reg. potato/ 
      • Vegetable/fiber ex: broccoli/ beets / carrots

      Mid-day snack:

      • Bowl of lightly salted popcorn
      • Pre workout meal (consume >1hour before training):
      • Banana with 2 boiled eggs & 1 tbsp of PB

      *If using carb powder this can be substituted for a pre workout meal

      Post workout meal:

      • Choice of protein, can be a shake ~40-50g protein
      • Be sure to have some form of carbs as well 


      • Spinach, choice of solid lean protein i.e chicken, salmon, tuna
      • Dessert can be any form of a protein snack ex:
        • Fat free Greek yogurt ice cream bars
        • Anabolic French toast
        • AP prime bites brownie 

      *If you are drinking the night of, skip the carbs at lunch as those will be drank


      • Creatine
      • Protein
      • Fish Oil
      • MCT Oils - First thing in the morning with some form of greens 
      • ZMA 
      • Carb powder with hydration blend - Raging Full
      • Collagen peptides


        Warm up routine:

        With every session begin with:

        1. 10min brisk walk on a treadmill w/ an incline OR 5min on the rower @ <2:10/500m
        2. Banded shoulder work
        3. Lower extremity mobility

        Be sure to use a conservative warmup weight, for set of 15-20 with all exercises

        Use resistance bands to warmup body parts being worked that session. Be extra careful to warm up rotator cuffs on any kind of push day.

        On leg sessions use the following:

        • 10 good mornings w/ pvc pipe
        • 10 walking lunges w/ a twist
        • 10 leg swings e/ side
        • 5 BW squats
        • 5 walking quad stretches


        Core will be done every day if time permits, if not, at least twice a week at the end of the workouts

        You will train 3 – 4 days a week, and do some form of cardio every day

        Days 1/3:

        Upper body focus with core work

        Workout 1

        For time:

        Use a 35lb Kettle Bell (KB) or lighter, trust me it gets heavy

        If there is an issue with an exercise swap it out with a more comfortable variant/ lighten the weight


        • KB Deadlift
        • KB Swing
        • KB OHP

        Workout 2 begin with 60% of 10RM for warmup weight work up to 90-95% of 10RM

        First set will be a warm up set – 3 working sets

        • 4 x 10-12 Cable Rows
        • 4 x 10 Lat Pull Down
        • 4 x 10-12 Standing Overhead Press
        • 4 x 15-20 Underhand Cable Extension
        • 4 x 10-12 Incline Chest Press

        Stretch 10-15min

        Day 2/4:

        Workout 1:

        For time:

        • 200KB Swings
        • Every time you stop do
        • 5 pull ups – 10 pushups – 15 air squats

        Workout 2:

        • 2 x 40 Walking lunges
        • 4 x 10-12 DB RDLs
        • 4 x 15-20 Leg extensions, on the last rep of each set hold leg extension for 10sec
        • 4 x 15-20 Seated leg press, super set with max calf raises
        • 2 x 10-15 Goblet squats w/ a KB

        Stretch 10-15min


        Workout 1:

        Hanging from a bar preform:

        • 10 E-MOM (every minute on the minute)

        For total time:

        • Min 1 – weighted leg tuck – 20 sec
        • Min 2 – L-sit – 10 sec
        • Min 3 – 40 sec plank

        Workout 2:

        • 8 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds/reps As Possible)
        • 10 Flutter kicks
        • 10 Burpees
        • 10 V-Ups
        • 1min Plank
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