Article written by: Alex Greene

CHEMIX is a leading retailer in sports supplementation by providing products that are science based and efficaciously dosed. KING OF PUMPS is a great example of their fully dosed products. Unlike some pump products that only provide a couple grams of L-Citrulline for their pump formula, CHEMIX provides 7 ingredients. 4 of the 7 are trademarked ingredients, providing multiple ways for blood and water to fill the muscle and provide you with the best pump of your life.

Ingredient break down:

  • GlycerPump™- Similar to betaine, this is a powdered form of glycerol, except more powerful. This ingredient bonds with large amounts of water resulting in long lasting pumps.
  • VasoDrive-AP™- This new, unique ingredient is a vasodilator. VasoDrive-AP™ consists of 2lactotripeptides, which primarily relax and expand blood vessels, resulting in greater blood flow. Greater blood allows for a maximum potential pump.
  • S7™- Very new ingredient similar to VasoDrive-AP™, working in a different mechanism of action though. Made up from 7 plant-based ingredients, hence the 7 in S7™. These plant ingredients work together to increase endogenous NO production by 230%.
  • Endo-Pump™- Formulated by the Guerrilla Chemist himself, Endo-Pump™ is comprised of a blend natural plant extracts but in a specific ratio. This ratio of plant extracts and nitrates maximized NO production and vasodilation.

All these ingredients with efficacious doses based on research will give you the best pump possible. I’ve personally used many different pump products, and this is by far the best working. Not only did I receive an ungodly pump, but it lasted the whole workout.



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