Article written by: Jasper Goddard

CHEMIX is a well renowned health and wellness brand known for providing the most premium ingredients in their formulations and SLEEP is no exception. The Guerrilla Chemist’s goal with the product was to have a melatonin free sleep aid by multiple mechanisms of action.

Ingredient break down:

  1. GABAicatlin Scutellaria Baicalensis extract: along with making it easier to fall asleep it is also neuroprotective meaning it can help prevent dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. When paired with GABA 30 to 60 minutes before bed it puts your mind at ease and will make falling asleep much easier. All without the grogginess from a high dose of melatonin. 
  2. Hesperidin (10:1) : a compound found in citrus fruits, Hesperidin is an anti-inflammatory and has been proven to reduce central nervous system fatigue when taken before bed. It has also been observed to reduce blood pressure and increase blood vessel function. 
  3. Cussonia zimmermani extract (10:1) : while not presently studied, cussonia is a traditional herbal treatment in western Africa for blood borne disease. As well as used as an anti-inflammatory. 
  4. MagnaSleep: Magnesium is a well researched mineral and comes in various forms to aid in symptoms both in the digestion tract and sleep quality. MagnaSleep will improve the amount of REM sleep as well as the duration of sleep resulting in waking up feeling more rested. 
  5. Apigenin: an extract from the chamomile flower, used commonly to treat insomnia, it has become highly popular due to its relaxation and sleep properties. 

All things considered CHEMIX knew what they were doing when they developed this product. Having tried it personally for 3 weeks I can attest to its strength and effectiveness. 

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